S3 Course Choice

Below will provide all the relevant information required so that students can make informed decisions about their personalisation and choice into S3.

It is very important for students and parents / carers to be able to access all the information required to understand the course choice process and the course choices available. All this information is available using the links below to the course choice booklet and the course choice form.

The S2 into S3 Course Choice booklet for session 2024-25 is available by CLICKING HERE.

Please CLICK HERE to see the S2 into S3 course choice form.

Students will be supported through their PSE lessons during the course choice process and time will be given to ask any questions they may have during these times. The initial paper course choice form will be completed by the student and their Guidance Teacher or a member of the Senior Management Team before going home to be signed by a parent / carer. This paper copy will then be returned to the member of staff who coursed them and submitted for processing.