Skills for employability are developed across all curricular areas. Their promotion is the responsibility of all staff. Therefore, opportunities to develop skills are offered in a variety of contexts.

It is important that students understand the purpose of their learning and the skills they are developing as they go. Students need to be able to understand and articulate where they would be able to utilise their knowledge and skills in life beyond school. We encourage students to evaluate their own skill development and set themselves clear achievable goals to help prepare them for life beyond school. We strive to ensure students are able to apply their skill sets in new and unfamiliar situations to ensure positive career destinations post school.

We have engaged with local businesses to establish the fundamental employability skills they are looking for. These have now been implemented in all departments across the school. In the Broad General Education these skills are embedded across all subjects. The main purpose is to develop understanding to allow for progression within the Senior Phase. In the Senior Phase we have a range of courses leading to qualifications and awards that support skill development amongst our students. These courses allow our students to experience a progressive approach to skill development that culminates in Senior Phase accreditation across a variety of contexts.