Modern Languages

Languages/Courses Offered:

  • All pupils in S1 & 2 study French
  • All pupils in S2 have a ‘Taster’ week of Spanish before course choices at the end of S2
  • All pupils in S3 must choose to study either French or Spanish or both languages in S3 to Nat 3 level
  • S4 pupils can choose to study either French or Spanish or both languages in S4 to Nat 4 or 5 level
  • S5 & 6 pupils can choose to continue to study a language to Higher then Advanced Higher level


  • S1-3 French classes follow the EXPO textbooks 
  • S4 French classes study the EXPO and Nat 5 French Boost textbooks
  • S3 – 4 Spanish classes follow the MIRA textbooks
  • All courses and homework are supplemented with the Linguascope website, which we subscribe to yearly.  Pupils are given a yearly password and username for this.
  • Other online resources – BBC Bitesize, Kahoot, Blooket, Quizlet, Languagesonline (Grammar), Duolinguo, Netflix (pupils can watch Spanish or French films and series, or change the settings to watch with foreign subtitles or listen in the foreign language).
  • Films studied for fun and to support learning – S1 Astérix & Obélix Mission Cleopatra, Joyeux Noël. S2 – Petit Nicolas, Neuilly-sa-Mère. S3 – Les Choristes, Demain tout Commence.  Spanish – Coco, Encanto.
  • Projects – French Speaking Country, French Food & Drink, the French Revolution, la Tour de France, Mr Bean’s Holiday, our Twin town. Spanish Speaking countries/holiday destinations, Day of the Dead, Semana Santa, Clolombia. 
  • French Play – Onatti Productions perform a French play to all of S1 & 2 in the school assembly hall.
  • European Day of Languages on the 26th September every year – there are various activities promoting languages spoken around the world and here in Penicuik High School.

Extra Curricular:

  • Foreign Language Film Club for S3 – 6 pupils on a Thursday lunchtime. An opportunity for older pupils to bring their lunch and watch a foreign language classic with subtitles in English.
  • Study Sessions in the run-up to exams
  • Tuesday after school homework club with Mrs McEvoy in Rm 16 for any pupils looking for a quiet place to do homework or needing some help.

Members of the Modern Languages Department:

Mrs Rachel Andrew – Principal Teacher

Mrs Kate McEvoy (Acting Principal Teacher)
Mrs Margaret Brandie (also Guidance)
Miss Lana MacKay