We believe that teachers at Penicuik High School make a difference. We seek to achieve this by building close positive relationships across the school and between the school and home. Our aim is to make Penicuik High School an accessible and caring community.

Our Guidance Staff:

Mr Saffhill,  (Clerk Maxwell House)

Mrs McLennan (Clerk Maxwell House)

Mrs Murphy (Liddell House)

Mrs Brandie (Liddell House)

School handbook information on Guidance:

We give pupils the opportunity to develop their skills for learning life and work. We provide access to information to help children and young people make informed decisions and choices. We present opportunities for children to develop citizenship and participation through involvement in their school community. We provide regular review of progress in learning and personal and social development. We support transitions between stages in education and between different providers of education. We help pupils to plan for the future. We help to access support from partner agencies for children and families. We co-ordinate support between agencies and schools. We respect confidentiality. We make time and space to seek and provide help for all pupils.

Guidance teachers can support pupils with their curricular, pastoral and vocational needs.

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