S2 Animation

S2 have recently enjoyed creating some animation.

Here are some examples of their work.

2P2                                                                                          2P1

AM animation 2p2                                                       CH animation 2p1

CC animation 2p2                                                        JD animation 2p1

IV animation 2p2                                                         JM animation 2p1

KM animation 2p2                                                       JC animation 2p1

MK animation 2p2                                                       RH animation 2p1

ZT animation 2p2                                                         LB animation 2p1

CA animation 2p2

ED animation 2p2

ES animation 2p2

GB animation 2p2

JW animation 2p2

JS animation 2p2

HC animation 2p2

KS animation 2p2

RMc animation 2p2

RD animation 2p2

RB animation 2p2

AH animation 2p2

Jamie W animation 2p2


2P4                                                                                         2P5

AM animation 2p4                                                       AG animation 2p5

CS animation 2p4                                                        BF animation 2p5

HC animation 2p4                                                       CMcK animation 2p5

RE animation 2p4                                                        CA animation 2p5

SJ animation 2p4                                                         CMcD animation 2p5

KB animation 2p4                                                        EW animation 2p5

KM animation 2p4                                                       EM animation 2p5

LM animation 2p4                                                       EC animation 2p5

LG animation 2p4                                                        HD animation 2p5

OM animation 2p4                                                       JG animation 2p5

OT animation 2p4                                                         KF animation 2p5

PM animation 2p4                                                        LS animation 2p5

DP animation 2p4                                                         LH animation 2p5

EG animation 2p4                                                         MG animation 2p5

EB animation 2p4                                                         MY animation 2p5

EC animation 2p4                                                         NF animation 2p5

JW animation 2p4                                                        RKT animation 2p5

JC animation 2p4

JY animation 2p4

Josh animation 2p4

Josh 2 animation 2p4


2L3                                                                                         2P1

Andrew animation 2L3                                             Alex animation 2P1

Anna animation 2L3                                                  Alicia animation 2P1

Conner animation 2L3                                               Amy F animation 2P1

Declan animation 2L3                                               Cammy animation 2P1

Eva animation 2L3                                                   David K animation 2P1

Freya animation 2L3                                                Dennon animation 2P1

Hannah animation 2L3                                            Elle 2 animation 2P1

Leigha animation 2L3                                               Elle animation 2P1

Nathan animation 2L3                                              Greg animation 2P1

Ruari animation 2L3                                                 Hope animation 2P1

Jack PA animation 2P1

Jack PA 2 animation 2P1

Jack PI animation 2P1

Jordan animation 2P1

Kai animation 2P1

Katya animation 2P1

2P6                                                                              2P2

Chloe R animation 2P6                                           Lisa T animation 2P2

Chloe S animation 2P6                                            Adam animation 2P2

Daniel A animation 2P6                                          David R animation 2P2

Djamila animation 2P6                                           Loois animation 2P2

Ellie animation 2P6                                                 Marlee animation 2P2

Emma animation 2P6                                             Oliver animation 2P2

Fraser C animation 2P6                                          Olivia animation 2P2

Fraser H animation 2P6                                         Royska animation 2P2

Jack animation 2P6                                   Steven by Isla animation 2P2

James animation 2P6                                              Tom animation 2P2

Jamie animation 2P6                                              William animation 2P2

Jessica animation 2P6

Joy animation 2P6

Luke animation 2P6

Robbie animation 2P6


2P4                                                                             2P3

Abbey D animation 2P4                                         Ben S animation 2P3

Abby HM animation 2P4                                       Ben S 2 animation 2P3

Caitlin R animation 2P4                                        Blaine W animation 2P3

Calum W animation 2P4                                       Chloe B animation 2P3

Campbell M animation 2P4                                  Craig D animation 2P3

Grant G animation 2P4                                          Hannah T animation 2P3

Jared animation 2P4                                               Jay R animation 2P3

Kate M animation 2P4

Kerr M animation 2P4

Kieran B animation 2P4

Leah W animation 2P4

Lee D animation 2P4

Morven Q animation 2P4


Alice C animation 2P5

Alisha J animation 2P5

Calum M animation 2P5

Carys G animation 2P5

Carys animation 2P5

Gregor L animation 2P5

James M animation 2P5

Lewis G animation 2P5

Logan P animation 2P5

Ruben O animation 2P5

Sam W animation 2P5

Skye A animation 2P5

Tegan h animation 2P5

Tina G animation 2P5

Yoana Y animation 2P5