S1 Science

Pupils come to Science for three Periods per week. During  their first year all pupils study an integrated science course written in line with the new Curriculum for Excellence Science Learning Experiences and Outcome which covers an introduction to science equipment, measurement and data handling, followed thereafter by a rotation of  6 science topics – Chemical solutions Planet Earth, Energy for life, Cells and Reproduction, Energy Changes and Electricity.

Biology in S1

Two biology units are taught as part of the S1 Science course

“Energy for Life” deals with the passage of energy and cycling of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen through living things. We examine the processes of respiration and photosynthesis and the interdependence of plants and animals.

“Cells and Reproduction” examines cells as the building blocks of life and takes a closer look at the biology behind starting new lives.

Homework is issued on a weekly basis. Pupils are supplied with fill in booklets including learning outcomes for each topic and these may be used in preparation for tests.

Biology involves the learning of many new terms and parents and carers can help pupils in preparing for assessments by testing their knowledge and spelling of these.