School Uniform

PHS School Blazers
Our School Uniform plays an important part in promoting our PRIDE values and school ethos.  We are delighted to now have a new blazer that our current S5 and S6 prefects have been wearing since our re-opening in March.  We believe having high expectations in relation to uniform sets the correct tone with our students, it is evidence of equity in our school community and portrays a positive image of the school to our local community and visitors alike.  For session 2021-22 all students will have the opportunity to wear a blazer, including our new S1 students.  Information for ordering blazers for next session will be released in due course.


Policy Overview

A school is judged, amongst other things by the conduct, engagement and appearance of its students. There is a clear expectation at Penicuik High School that students will arrive at school prepared for all lessons and in appropriate uniform.

School Uniform

A good standard of dress and appearance encourages a sense of pride in the school. Educational research has shown that a formal school dress code does improve pupil attainment and promotes a positive ethos. Since August 2006 we have had a formal school dress code for all pupils attending Penicuik High School. This code is clear and simple and is compulsory for all pupils. Quite simply the school wishes to remove any doubt about what can and cannot be worn to school.

Our dress code is affordable, practical and smart.

The school dress code is

White shirt or blouse
Plain black jumper or cardigan
School tie
Black trousers or skirt
Black shoes

Outdoor clothing must be removed in all classes.  Football scarves and colours are not allowed in school.  The present school uniform policy was introduced into Penicuik High School with the full support and agreement of pupils, parents and staff.

Ordering Uniform

The Company we order our school uniform has changed name from Academy Uniforms to The Stevenson Group Ltd, CLICK HERE.

Customer enquiries should be directed to

Telephone number: 01727 815700

Equipment for Class

Students are expected to report for class with all necessary equipment, pencil, pen, calculator etc.

Specific requirements will be made clear by individual subjects, for example the PE Department’s ‘No Note’ Policy.

School Uniform Protocol

We would like to thank all parents/carers for their continued support with ensuring students are wearing school uniform.  The vast majority of our students are wearing appropriate uniform and we would like to thank these students on how smart they look on their return to school.

One area we would like to improve upon is the students who on occasion are still forgetting some items of uniform. The majority of the time this is their tie or a plain black jumper or cardigan.

Moving forward we will be taking the following steps to try and improve this:

  1. Our Principal Teachers of Guidance will remind students of our expectations during PSE classes.
  2. Our Principal Teachers of Guidance will monitor those students who are regularly forgetting an item of uniform and make contact with parents/carers to discuss these concerns.
  3. A message will be posted on the year group student Google classrooms to ensure students are clear about our expectations.

Additionally, any student not in full uniform, as outlined in the school uniform policy will be sent to the school office for a uniform card.

The office will make contact with home and seek agreement for one of the following outcomes:

  • Uniform to be brought to school by parent/carer
  • Student to be allowed home to change if this is agreed with parent/carer (S4-6 only)
  • Student will be issued with an exemption card for an agreed period of time
  • If there continues to be non-compliance from a student we may then invite their parent/carer in to school for a meeting to discuss this further

Thank you for your continued support with this matter.  Please contact your child’s Principal Teacher of Guidance if you require any further information.