Modern Languages

Languages/Courses Offered:

  • All of S1 & 2 do French
  • All of S2 have a ‘Taster’ of Spanish before course choices
  • S3 & 4 study Nat 4 & 5 in a language of their choice (or both languages)
  • S3 can opt to do a 6 month course in German to achieve Nat 3 in Language in Work
  • Higher and Advanced Higher French & Spanish in S5 & 6


  • S1-4 French follow the EXPO textbooks
  • S3 – 4 Spanish follow MIRA textbooks
  • Online resources – BBC Bitesize, Kahoot, Quizlet, À Tantôt, Languagesonline, Duolinguo, Netflix (Spanish or French films and series or change the settings to watch with foreign subtitles ot listen in the foreign language).
  • Films studied for fun and to support learning – S1 Astérix & Obélix Mission Cleaopatre, Joyeux Noël. S2 – Le Petit Nicolas, Neuilly-sa-Mère. S3 – Les Choristes.  Spanish – Coco, Valentín.
  • Projects – French Speaking Country, French Food & Drink, the French Revolution, Spanish Speaking countries/holiday destinations, Day of the Dead, Semana Santa.
  • French Play – Onatti Productions perform a French play to all of S1 & 2 in the school assembly hall.
  • European Day of Languages – various activities promoting languages spoken around the world and here in Penicuik High School.

Extra Curricular:

  • Foreign Language Film Club for S3 – 6 pupils on a Thursday lunchtime. An opportunity for older pupils to bring their lunch and watch a foreign language classic with subtitles in English.
  • Tuesday after school homework club with Mrs McEvoy in Rm 16 for any pupils looking for a quiet place to do homework or needing some help.

Members of the Modern Languages Department

Mrs R Andrew – Principal Teacher

Mrs K McEvoy (acting Principal Teacher)
Mrs M Brandie (also Guidance)
Ms M Villafuerte