LGBTQ+ and Allies Club

Penicuik High School is proud to host a popular, safe and successful LGBTQ+ and Allies Club.  Pupils meet on a weekly basis and anyone is welcome to join.  Here they discuss LGBTQ+ topics, offer advice to others who are struggling with their sexuality or identity, and organise school events that raise awareness and promote equality.  The club provides a safe and fun environment to explore LGBTQ+ issues.


The meeting times are as follow:

S1-S3 members meet on Thursday lunchtimes at 1.20pm in room 28.

S4-S6 pupils meet on Thursday lunchtimes at 12.30pm in room 45.


Current restrictions have impacted on club activities, but pupils continue to meet in year groups.  Virtual meetings took place through the school closures and members were able to keep in touch to support each other through what was a difficult time for everyone.  The club currently has a Google Classroom set up for members to join and communicate through.  The code is epwbebw


The club aim is as follows:

Our aim is to spread positive vibes while talking about serious subjects/issues about the LGBTQ+ community.  Here you will learn more about the LGBTQ+ community.  We don’t let anyone feel left out.  The friendships that we have made in the group are very close.  We accept everyone no matter who you are.  We always have fun and create a great opportunity to talk about discrimination that happens surrounding sexuality and gender.