Emergency School Closure

In the event of a school closure the paramount concern will be the safety of staff, pupils and visitors. These events are rare and are usually linked to weather conditions or concerns such as heavy snowfalls or exceptionally high winds. Closures may also occur if we lose essential services such as power, heating or water.

Should we receive notification from the Director of Children, Young People and Partnerships that a decision has been made to close the school, we will notify you immediately to allow you to prepare accordingly. In these situations the school works closely with other services within Midlothian, such as transport, to ensure your child returns home safely. We will inform parents through a multitude of communication channels; principally our GroupCall but also through social media, the school website and, local radio stations as appropriate.

Our main aim is to ensure parents/carers are made aware of necessary arrangements as soon as possible. As a result of the above it is vital that parents/carers provide up to date contact details, especially if these change throughout the school year.

In the event of severe weather warnings school closures can be forecast in advance. Midlothian Council will take into account Met Office weather warnings and will make decisions based on the safety of staff and pupils. In these circumstances the communication methods outlined above are employed. We encourage parents/carers to be aware of severe weather warnings, particularly in winter months, as severe and unusual weather is more likely at this time.

Any parent/carer who wishes to see our Emergency School Closure Procedures is asked to contact the School Office in the first instance.