Emergency Evacuation Procedures

The school has a robust procedure for the safe evacuation of the school in the event of a fire or another emergency.  The Head Teacher is ultimately responsible for this plan.

The school is fitted with an automatic fire detection system which will activate the alarm if smoke is detected by one of the sensors located throughout the school.  If a fire is discovered and it has not yet been detected by the automatic sensors staff, pupils or visitors, should sound the nearest alarm immediately by breaking the glass.

All staff and pupils are expected to follow all procedures and guidance in the event of an evacuation whether it is a genuine emergency or a false alarm.  All staff and pupils will evacuate the building using the nearest emergency exit, cross Carlops Road safely, and report to the relevant person in the park.  Pupils will report to their registration teacher and staff and visitors will report to the relevant member of the Senior Leadership Team so everyone can be accounted for.

Staff, pupils and visitors will remain in the designated safe spaces until the emergency services have given the ‘all clear’ and permit us to re-enter the building.  Only then will we begin to move safely back into the building.

To ensure our evacuation procedures are as robust as possible we will hold ‘fire drills’ to ensure all staff and pupils are confident in the evacuation procedures should a genuine emergency occur. As a school we also evaluate each evacuation to ensure our procedures are as efficient as possible. Staff and pupils are briefed on our evacuation procedures throughout the school year, especially if any changes occur.

Any pupil who requires assistance to evacuate will have a personal emergency egress plan which will contain details for special evacuation arrangements.  A member of staff will stay with any pupil who has an egress plan to ensure they are evacuated safely from the building.

Any parent/carer who wishes to see our Emergency Evacuation Procedures is asked to contact the School Office in the first instance.