Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce

As part of the Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce initiative at Penicuik we are working to ensure that we equip our students with the key skills they need for learning, life, and – crucially for this agenda – work.

Our role in developing the young workforce is about ensuring a wide range of work-related learning within our curriculum with increased high quality vocational pathways in the Senior Phase. To support this we shape our curricular experience to ensure there is an emphasis on relevant skill development through the Broad General Education with a mixture of courses and qualifications available to Senior Phase students. This includes vocational based courses and awards our staff deliver as well as partnership opportunities available through training providers, further and higher education institutions.

In addition we aim to ensure that all Senior Phase students have the opportunity to engage in purposeful and directly work related learning while at school. The majority of our students complete a week of work experience in S4 with bespoke arrangements for students thereafter arranged through our Student Support Team.

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