Attendance at Penicuik High School by our students is essential in order that they receive the education to which they are entitled. Progress at school is dependent on regular attendance. It is essential that home and school work together to maximise attendance.

Penicuik High School follows Midlothian’s Attendance Policy which recognises the need for all students to engage fully in their education and promotes attendance through a positive and supportive approach.  Please follow the guidance below when informing the school of your child/children’s non-attendance at school:

  • When it is known that your child is to be absent on a particular day, parents should write to their child’s Register Teacher informing him/her of the proposed absence.
  • Where absence is unplanned parent/carer should call the school office on each day of absence or, if possible, an estimate of the likely length of the absence should be given.
  • If the school is not contacted then a Group Call text message will be sent. Parents/carers should respond promptly to contacts from the school. Follow up phone calls will be made if there is no response to this message.

Parents/carers will be responsible for providing and updating contact telephone numbers for use by the Group Call system.

Please communicate with the Guidance Team at the school if there are any concerns regarding your child’s attendance or time keeping or if you are experiencing problems getting them to attend.

Midlothian Councils Attendance Policy can be accessed via the following link