Youth Achievement Awards

Youth Achievement Awards (YAAs) offer formal recognition and accreditation for young peoples’ achievements and significant opportunities to develop the four Curriculum for Excellence capacities: successful learners; confident individuals; effective contributors; and responsible citizens.


These Awards are available to Penicuik High School pupils in S4 and above. They are tailored to support any activity of a pupil’s choosing and provide Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) customised awards that  support the aims and purposes of Curriculum for Excellence, Closing the Attainment Gap and Developing the Young Workforce agenda.


YAAs encourage reflection and critical thinking through self and peer assessment keeping pupils engaged and helping them develop skills for learning, life, enterprise and work. Penicuik High School encourages and supports volunteer pupils work towards these awards.


The Awards recognise four levels of responsibility taken by pupils participating in activities that interest them: Bronze is about young people taking part; Silver relates to young people assisting (sharing responsibility with others); for Gold, take individual responsibility to organise; and for Platinum, undertake training and lead. When gained, these Awards – ranging from National 4 (for Bronze Award) to Advanced Higher (for Platinum Award) – appear on pupils’ Scottish Qualification Certificates alongside their academic achievements,.


As a first step, pupils in S4 are generally invited to aim for a Bronze Award. Each pupil chooses activities in which to take part and sets four challenges involving a total of 60 hours activity. Each challenge needs to involve a minimum of 10 hours activity, including planning and organising. A Booklet has to be completed and submitted with a Portfolio of Evidence for Internal and External Moderation and subsequent accreditation by SQA.


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