Welcome to the Design and Technology Department

What is Technology?

It is the application of knowledge and skills to help to satisfy human needs and wants. It has a profound effect on society and Scotland has a strong tradition of excellence in technological innovation.

The following staff work in the department:

Mr P Beards (Principal Teacher)

Mr R Merson

Ms E Hall Technician

Our vision is to equip pupils with the design and practical skills to be able to tackle problems of a technological nature in the modern world. We do this primarily through design and make projects starting in S1 and running all the way through to S6.Pupils are presented with a variety of design briefs and are expected to design solutions to these through sketching and modelling and the use of CAD (computer aided design) software. Once the solution has been planned out pupils manufacture their prototypes in the school workshop using a variety of materials tools and machinery.On completion of the S1-2 course there are two course choice options available for pupils;