P7 Transition

Welcome video for P7 (our new S1) pupils

Hello to all our P7 (S1) pupils.

We are so looking forward to meeting you all after summer. Meantime here is a welcome video for you.

See you soon!

Primary 7 Transition can be a time of great excitement but also one of nervousness or uncertainty.  At Penicuik High School we aim to make the Transition process as smooth as possible for all the young people who will be joining us. To achieve this we work closely with our primary colleagues both in our cluster primary schools (Cornbank Primary, Cuiken Primary, Strathesk Primary and Sacred Heart Primary) but also with colleagues across the region and beyond. Transition working begins in early September and continues through to when the students finally join us in August.

To support students through P7 Transition one member of Guidance staff and out PT SFL act as link staff for each of our Cluster Primary Schools. Identified staff will attend Primary planning meetings as appropriate and will liaise with the primary schools on pupil transition.

The allocated staff are:

Cornbank Primary School:
Mrs Tracey Edge-Loake, PT SFL
Mrs Morven Murphy, PT Guidance

Cuiken Primary School:
Mrs Tracey Edge-Loake, PT SFL
Mr David Saffhill, PT Guidance

Sacred Heart Primary School:
Mrs Tracey Edge-Loake, PT SFL
Mrs Margaret Brandie, PT Guidance 

Strathesk Primary School
Mrs Tracey Edge-Loake, PT SFL
Ms Suzy McLennan, PT Guidance 

Identified students may participate in the school Enhanced Transition Programme and in additional Transition events and visits as appropriate.

All relevant information for Primary 7 Transition will be posted on this page throughout the year. There will also be Twitter posts on the school Twitter page to highlight upcoming P7 events. Please note we are in regular contact with all our transition primary schools. Any letters relating to transition will also be sent to them directly via their School Admin. Parents are encouraged to liaise with them in the first instance.

Finally our view is that Transition is a process for the whole family. All Tours are open to parents and P7 students.

If you have any queries regarding P7 Transition please contact Mrs Diane Burgess, Depute Head Teacher

Please see our P7  Transition Letter for the latest information