S5/6 History Activities

It is so, so, so cold outside and what better to heat you up than some History! 

Please only complete the work for the level that you are currently sitting.


All pupils were meant to be completing a timed essay this week on the causes of the 1917 February Russian Revolution. Due to the school closure, this will no longer be possible.
Therefore, all Higher History pupils, both Miss Docherty’s and Mrs Forbes’ classes, should complete the following essay question at home for next Friday.
To what extent was WWI the main cause of the February Revolution in Russia in 1917?

Advanced Higher

Continue working on your dissertations – pupils should email any Dissertation questions to Mrs Forbes.
We will be moving onto look at leadership and soldier’s experiences next week so you should make a start on the reading of the ‘Billy Yank and Johnny Reb’ section of work guide 7. Read the suggested texts and answer the questions.

Additional Work