S5/6 Business Education

Higher Business Management:


Exam prep:

  1. Complete Past Paper questions by visiting the SQA website for Business Management.
  2. Revise your notes and create mind maps.
  3. List any areas of concern to review in class.


  1. If you still have work to do on your assignment, such as research, complete this.  You could design a simple customer questionnaire as part of your primary research or you could bookmark useful websites for your secondary research.
  2. You could also work on your chosen analytical tool.  If it’s a SWOT, PESTEC, PLC or product portfolio analysis for example, you could try to draft a version of this using any/all of the research you have done so far.
  3. Update a bibliography of all sources of information used to date.

Maddix plc questions:

  1. Attempt any questions from any of the three tasks that you can using your notes/understanding of the work covered so far.