It may be snowing but there is still an exam to sit in May! You would usually have 3 hours of RMPS in a week so please allow the following time to your study.

If we are off 1 or 2 days – please do at least one hour. If we are off 3 days – please do at least two hours. If we are off 4 or 5 days – please do three hours.

National 5 pupils can work through exam style questions. These can be ones we have already worked on in class or can be questions given out before the prelims. If accessing the SQA website, please remember that not all past papers will be relevant as some courses have changed.

All candidates have to complete a piece of coursework. Please continue to work on this and use the information below to guide you through your next steps to progress your work.

National 4 level candidates, you have to meet the following outcomes:

1.1     Choose a religious, moral or philosophical topic or issue for study
1.2     Collecting relevant evidence from at least two sources of information including at least one religious viewpoint
1.3  Organising and using the evidence collected to address the topic or issue
1.4  Drawing on factual knowledge and understanding to describe and briefly explain some key features of the topic or issue
1.5  Providing a straightforward description of the significance of the topic or issue to the contemporary world
1.6  Presenting findings in response to the chosen topic or issue


National 5 Level candidates, your Assignment is:

  • Worth 20 marks
  • 25% of overall grade
  • Graded A-D

Your task is to continue to

1)    collect any information you need and

2)    plan what you will include on your resource sheet, which you will have in front of you during the write up.

The table below shows what the marks are available for. Use it to plan your report sheet content.

What the exam board ask

Examples of what you can include

Maximum marks available

Use knowledge & understanding Facts/information/statistics

4 marks

Explain & analyse the topic Discuss/comment on your topic & the issues that surround it

3 marks

Use information from different sources, with at least ONE religious viewpoint Include quotations from the Bible, Qur’an, Church of England/Scotland/Catholic Church. Also information or opinions from books/magazines/web pages

3 marks

Comment on the significance or impact in the contemporary world Say why it is an issue, how wide spread it is, how many people are affected, why did you pick it

4 marks

Reach a conclusion Say what you think about the issue

3 marks

Support your conclusion with evidence Give clear reasons WHY you have reached the conclusion that you have. Explain the evidence or opposition from the sources gathered

3 marks