S4 Music

Now that most of the practical exams have completed, take some time to work some more on your compositions.  If you are are stuck, see if either of the attached sheets help.


  • Have a very clear idea about what you are trying to achieve.  What type of piece? What Style? What Instruments?
  • Take some time to experiment and play around with your ideas.
  • Capture any ideas you have(either write them down or record them if you are able to)
  • Think small! Composition is the development of ideas.  Repeating your ideas and varying them in different ways can all help to develop your ideas.
  • If you are starting with a chord sequence, think about how you want to play it.  (arpeggios, block chords)
  • Sometimes have a chord sequence that changes and a melodic idea which repeats can get really interesting results.
  • Often it helps when you experiment with ideas on your own instrument, or a in a style you are familiar with.
  • If you have access to technology(apps on mobile devices, or on computer) you may find it helpful to use these the help develop your piece of music.


Composition help template-11owskm


Composing Music chords-1e674hq