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Miss. Adamson’s 3C Class 

You are about to, or are already, studying Islam. Below are details of two films. If we are off school for 1-3 days, please watch the first one and complete the tasks. If we are off school for 4-5 days then also watch the second and complete the tasks.

The first is a programme about young Muslims who are entering the first stages of an arranged marriage. See them go on dates, speed dates and realise the challenges and opportunities of arranged marriages.

Strictly Soulmates


1. Makes notes on the arranged marriage process.

2. Note down your thoughts on the process, what you find surprising and how it compares to your expectations.

3. Make a table of pros and cons of arranged marriages, like this:

Arranged Marriages






Next watch ‘Make Me A Muslim,’ about young British women who convert to Islam. Note down your thoughts whilst watching it.

Make Me a Muslim

When you return to school you will discuss both of these programmes in class