S3 Design and Technology Activities


(see below for Construction Craft)


Design and Manufacture

Complete the following tasks:

If you don’t know the answers, try searching on the internet – you will find plenty of references.

Wood tools and processes

1. Sketch the following marking out tools and explain what they are used for.

a) Try square

b) Marking gauge

2. Sketch the following cutting tools and explain what they are used for.

a) Tenon saw

b) Coping saw

3. Sketch a plane and explain what it is used for.

4. Make up a storyboard to explain how to cut a housing joint.

5. Explain how to get a smooth finish on wood.

6. Explain the steps in varnishing wood.

7. Describe two paint finishes.


Construction Craft Skills

Please read through the following booklets and answering any questions, then do the Quiz at the end.


Construction Decorative Painting July 2005(updated October 2007)[1]