S1 Modern Languages

Modern Languages Department : Snow Ready

S1 French

Work to be done in case of school closure

Task 1.

  • Revise vocabulary from jotter (colours, day week, months, family, pets, classroom items)
  • Make a family tree for a famous person of your choice – draw this out in jotter and label in French with “my dad”, “my stepmother” etc. Include up to grandparents. Include pets. Colour in.
  • Make a wordsearch with wordsearch grid on the website. Use French words for family and pets. Clues should be in English. Minimum 10 words to find.


Task 2.

  • Wordsearch and reading sheet on descriptions (see attachment below)

Task 3.

Websites for revision:

Address instructions
www.atantot-extra.co.uk French section. Password provided by teacherany exercise, animals, family, colours, numbers
www.linguascope.com French section. Password provided by teacherBeginner French. Les bases, moi et ma famille
http://www.french-games.net/frenchtopics No password requiredanimals, colours, family, numbers, grammar 1 adjectives
www.languagesonline.org.uk No password required– do sectionsPrimary revision and unit 1 to 4

Descriptions wsearch and reading