S1 Design and Technology

There will be regular updates to teaching materials in Google Classroom on GLOW.

The Google Classroom code for S1 Design and Technology is trkyu5w – Please note that this class will be renamed S2 Design and Technology from May 18th so there is no need for S1 pupils who are moving into S2 to join a new class. 

We would prefer you to use Google Classroom so that we can track your progress and give you feedback. However is you are unable to access Classroom then you can complete the tasks below;

Week 1 (23rd-27th March) Environmentally friendly design

Read the presentation and watch the videos then complete the task

Environmentally friendly design

Environmentally friendly design task

Week 2 (30th March-3rd April) Package design

Read the presentation and  then complete the task

Package design

Package design worksheet

Week 3 Scones box design

Scones box presentation