S1 Design and Technology

Design Task   – CD storage

Note: This task should take approximately 3 periods. Therefore complete one task for each ‘Snow day’.


  • To develop your skills in designing and problem solving.
  • To develop your skills in sketching and rendering.

Problem situation

Many people have a collection of CDs. These may be music CDs or CDs for storing software etc. If there is no place to store the CDs then they can easily fall over into a disorganised mess!


Design a device for storing up to 15 CDs. The device must be stable and attractive and arrange the CDs in a way that would make is easy to identify each one. Wood, metal or plastic can be used in the design.

Task 1

  • Sketch out 2 or 3 ideas for a CD storage device.
  • Think about how they could be arranged
  • Explain each idea with short notes.

Task 2

  • Select your best idea.
  • Explain why you have chosen it.
  • Sketch out any improvements.
  • Draw a 3D rendered view of the final idea (remember to include dark and light shading and a suitable background).

Your final submission should be  3 pages. 1 page of ideas, 1 page of development/improvements and 1 page with a final idea rendering.