Parents’ Association

The Parents’ Association exists to represent the parents and carers of pupils at Penicuik High School. Our aim is to support the work of the school to ensure that Penicuik High School can provide the best education possible for our children. We do this by encouraging parents to become involved in the life of the school, by raising funds to support school activities and by representing the views of parents.

There are lots of ways that parents, carers (or even grand parents) can get involved so please come along to a meeting, offer your support in any way you can and give us your ideas and feedback. You can do this at a meeting, via the school office, by joining the Penicuik High School Parents Association Facebook group or by emailing us at

***The next meeting of the PA is at 7.00 p.m on Monday 29th January 2018 in room 3 at the school with tea, coffee and chat available from 6.30 p.m.. Enter by the right hand door (facing the school). Press the bell for the janitor if the door is closed. Room 3 is straight on, second door on the right. All parents and carers are very welcome.*****

Dates of  future meetings: Tuesday 27th March, Wednesday 2nd May.

Current office holders are: Helen Armstrong (Chair), Jennifer Martin (Vice Chair), Pauline Wighton Pender (Treasurer), Gillian Shepherd (50:50 club) and Julie Begbie (Facebook group administrator).

Minutes of last meeting: pending

Minutes of previous meetings

Financial reports

To see our full remit and details of how we work see our constitution