Student Newsletter 7 June 2017


The named pupils should report to Room 3 at 9.40am for groupwork.

Guidance Dept



The response to our collection last week was very poor, but Ragbag are doing a pick up at our school again this Friday, 9 June.  Please, please look out any old clothes/shoes/bed linen/etc and fill a bag.  Please drop it off at the collection point opposite Room 2 ready for collection on Friday.

Mrs MacFadyen

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Student Newsletter 6 June 2017


Could all students who have signed up for Bike, Bounce and Skate for the Activities Week please come to a Meeting in room 22 on Thursday at lunch time (8 June).  It is essential that you all attend as there are parental consent forms which have to be signed and returned.  All money should be handed to the office as soon as possible. I have a record of everyone’s balance so far.

Mrs Cochrane (Mathematics)

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