N4/5 Design and Manufacture

S3 Design and Manufacture

S4 Design and Manufacture


Design and Manufacture provides learners with an introduction to design, materials and manufacture.  You will be able to develop your skills in designing and communicating design proposals and learn about the properties and uses of materials by making models and prototypes in the workshop.

The course is practical and experiential in nature so where possible you will learn by doing, i.e. design tasks or practical tasks.

The course has three units;


Learners develop skills in problem solving and design through a number of design tasks. In each task we will consider the various factors that influence design such as ergonomics, aesthetics and function.

Materials and manufacturing

Learners will develop an appreciation of the properties and uses of materials and how these influence product design. This will be achieved through a series of exercises where the learners make a series of models and prototypes in response to the design tasks in the Design unit.

Design and Manufacture Project

In this unit learners will design and manufacture a product to a brief.

A folio of design work will be produced showing research into the problem, generation and development of ideas and planning for the manufacture of a prototype.  Following this the prototype will be manufactured in the school workshop.

Learners will have an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in design, communication, materials and processes throughout the project.

Course Assessment

At National 5 level the course will be in two parts:

The Design Assignment. This is set by the SQA and worth 90 marks. Pupils will apply their design and practical skills in a design and make task.

Question paper. This is set by the SQA and worth 60 marks.