The Geography Department is comprised of the following staff:

Mr A Johnstone (Principal Teacher)

Miss Y Tavakoli



In Geography we study how humans use the world.  We look at the changes that have taken place as a result of the way we live.  We also look at ways humans are changing the way we live in order to live more sustainably.

In the Geography Department we try and enthuse the pupils with an interest in everything that connects with the world.  It is a broad ranging subject which in S1-S3 enables the pupils to study a range of topics  from the moment they arrive.

The courses we run are focused on building the necessary skills for life that the pupils need.  The pupils are assessed using a range of techniques that enables them to show off their knowledge and skills.

The Geography Department frequently runs international field trips, to locations including Norway, the French Alps, Germany and Morocco.  Here’s some pictures from our visit to the Buer Glacier in Norway in June 2013:




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