RMPS Broad General Education

Welcome to RMPS in S1, S2 & S3.

We hope you will find your classes inspiring, thought provoking and  challenging. From Gandhi’s struggles in India to impacting upon your own community, RMPS aims to widen your view of the world and all you can achieve. Here are details of what you will study.

In S1 :

  1. What is Religion, Morality and Philosophy?
  2. The story of Moses
  3. Christianity
  4. Non-religious thought
  5. Hinduism

In S2:

You will develop your understanding of two faiths by studying two of the twentieth century’s most influential people.

  1. Hinduism and Gandhi
  2. Christianity and Martin Luther King Jr

For more information, please read our S1 and S2 information leaflet.

In S3:

You will begin with discussion and ideas before moving onto a practical task which involves a community competition

  1. Charity
  2. Youth Philanthropy Initiative