Religious and Moral Education

Welcome to Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies.

How the world began and if there is a God are questions that human beings have been asking themselves since life began. Here, in the department we seek to enable every student to question the world and all within it. From Religious to Atheist thought you will learn about many topics that divide opinion and continue to formulate your own opinions.

Topics that we cover include Medical Ethics, Relationships, the Origins of Life and the Existence of God.

We are a thriving department and offer SQA examination courses at every level from Nationals at levels 3, 4 & 5 to Higher and Advanced Higher. Every student has RMPS for Core classes throughout the school and many choose this subject for SQA study also, as they have a natural curiosity about the world and humanity and want to understand more.

There are two teachers in the department:

Miss. Lyon (Principal Teacher) & Miss. Graham.

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Broad General Education S1,2& 3

Senior Phase S 4,5 & 6

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