S5/6 Sports Leader

S5/6 Sports Leaders

This is a practical course which gives candidates the skills and confidence required to lead a sports session successfully. Sports Leaders will take these skills and confidence into our cluster Primary Schools to deliver sessions to pupils, and S6 Sports Leaders have the opportunity to give up their free periods to come in and assist PE staff with S1-3 classes.

Units of Work

Plan lead and review a sport/activity                                    Developing leadership skills

Lead activities that promote a healthy lifestyle                                      Fair play in sport

The role of the official                                              Opportunities in sport and recreation

Core Values

Candidates are assessed on their ability to work towards a set of core values including;

Reliability                                               Enthusiasm                                           Maturity

Commitment                                            Respect                                            Tolerance

Initiative                                                    Attitude                                           Confidence

Assessment Methods Include          

Questioning of underpinning knowledge                                            Peer assessment

Performance of set tasks                                                  Video/photographic evidence

Witness statements                      Notes or planning work completed during the course

This course increases pupils’ personal confidence and their ability to lead and interact with others in a variety of situations. It is a nationally recognised qualification that can be a stepping stone to future employment in the sports industry.