Higher Physical Education

Higher Physical Education

All S5 and S6 pupils have the option to choose Higher PE in their course options, however it is recommended that pupils who choose Higher have progressed through National 5 in S4 and are working to a good level in English to cope with the writing demands of the course.

Aims of the Course

To develop a comprehensive range of complex performance skills in a variety of challenging contexts.

To select and apply skills and make informed decision with different performance contexts.

To analyse and evaluate mental, emotional, social and physical factors that impact on performance and utilise different approaches to develop these factors.


Higher pupils will be expected to develop within a variety of performance contexts. A selection of the following activities will be covered:

Volleyball       Handball       Swimming       Football

Table Tennis       Lacrosse       Basketball      Badminton


Higher pupils will be expected to complete homework on a regular basis. This homework is often given and submitted electronically via email. All pupils taking Higher PE will be expected to meet deadlines consistently and must ensure their work is to their highest standard.


To gain Higher Physical Education, learners must pass the two Units and the Course Assessment.

Units are assessed as pass or fail by the school and are quality assured by the SQA. The units covered in the Higher course are ‘Factors Impacting on Performance’ and ‘Performance Skills’ (across two activities).

The Course Assessment consists of a Performance (60 marks) and a Question Paper (examination worth 40 marks). The performance is internally assessed and the Question Paper is marked externally by the SQA.

Question Paper (40 marks)

Section 1: three questions on factors affecting performance (8 marks each)

Section 2 one question on a scenario (16 marks)

Performance (60 marks)

Section 1: awarded for the planning, preparation and subsequent evaluation of performance (20 marks)

Section 2: performance in a one-off performance in a challenging context (40 marks)