Physical Education

Physical Education Department

N. McShonnon (Principal Teacher)

C. Hunter

L. Witton

Penicuik High School PE department also has a strong relationship with Edinburgh University and often welcome Physical Education students into the department for teaching placements.

PE Kit and No Note Policy

Please be aware that the PE department has a ‘no note policy’ which means pupils should always bring their PE kit. Pupils who cannot fully participate in PE due to injury or any other issue should make this aware to their PE teacher, however pupils can still take part in the lesson in a different role (referee, coach, help with equipment). Pupils who forget their kit more than once will receive a lunchtime detention.

Pupils must bring the correct equipment to Physical Education every time they are timetabled to be in class. Suitable trainers, shorts or tracksuit bottoms, and a t shirt must be brought every period of PE. Jeans, leggings and vest tops will not be accepted as PE kit and pupils will not be allowed to wear these items in class. Pupils with long hair must have their hair tied back and piercings must be taken out for safety reasons. Pupils who forget their kit will be supplied kit from the PE department and will be expected to participate as normal. However if a pupil forgets their kit more than once then they will receive a lunchtime detention.

Pupil Learning

In PE, there are a range of courses designed to meet every pupils’ needs as they progress through their education:

S1-3 Physical Education

S4-6 Core Physical Education

National 4 & National 5 Physical Education

S5/6 Sports Leader

Higher Physical Education

Certificated PE Resources


The PE department also offer a wide range of extra-curricular clubs, teams and activities:

Extra-Curricular Programme

Sportscotland Young Ambassadors

The school and local community benefit from the Young Ambassadors programme in the department, who play an active role in the promotion of sport and physical activity in Penicuik.

Young Ambassadors

Sporting Achievement

Penicuik High School is proud of it’s Sporting Achievement, with many pupils representing the school, club & country across a variety of sports and activities.


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