English and Literacy


In the English Department we believe that English is at the heart of learning:

We believe that if a student improves their English skills all their other subjects will benefit. That English is a gateway into experiencing the world and understanding our role in it. We believe that if a student improves their English skills these skills will carry them on to further education and adult life.We believe that communication is one of the most important life skills and we are privileged to offer students opportunities to develop their communication skills.

In the English department we value the contributions and insights of all our students: We provide appropriate lessons for all ranges of abilities. We work closely with the learning support department to ensure that every individual students needs are met to the best of our abilities. In the English department we believe that we have an important role to play in increasing every student’s confidence and self esteem and teaching them to respect the views and opinions of others.In the English Department we value literature. We all believe that reading literature has countless benefits now and in adult life. We try to convey our enthusiasm for literature to the students and encourage them to expand their horizons and their imagination.

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The Courses

S1 and S2

S3 and S4

S5 and S6

Members of the English Department

Ms A Adams-  Head of Dept.

Ms R Astor

Mr R Havill-   PT Literacy

Mr M Smith  PT Media and Teacher of English

Mr S Craig

Ms K McCole

Class Pages

Miss McCole and Mr Smith’s National 5 class

Miss Adams and Mr Smith’s Higher class

Dr Craig’s Higher Class