Code of Conduct

Courtesy and respect for others

Our reputation as individuals and the reputation of the school largely depend on the way we behave towards others both in and out of school. Students should always be polite to others and consider others in their actions. All staff prefects and other students should be treated with courtesy and respect. Each student should be entitled to be treated with respect and courtesy.

Caring for the Environment

The future of our environment is vital to all of us. Each person has a responsibility to the environment. Treat the building and school equipment as if they were our own (they do belong to all of us) Put litter in the bins provided. We are part of the environment therefore we should take pride in our own appearance. The school is our place of work and we should wear appropriate school dress.

Conduct in the corridors

The corridors are probably the most used part of the building by all staff students and visitors. We should show consideration to all users of the building by acting responsibly at all times when using the corridors. Walk smartly keeping to the left side. Carry bags on the right to avoid damaging the walls. Avoid crowding or pushing especially on staircases.

Conduct in classrooms – GET SET GO!

Get to class quickly and quietly
Enter room sit down remove jacket
Take out books pen and pencil

Sit quietly
Empty your mouth (if eating)
Teachers attention? – raise your hand

Get on with your work
Only leave when the teachers tells you.