ACHIEVE – web based service

Dear Parent/Carer

While we don’t endorse any company products, we are recommending students check out the following Scottish educational site ACHIEVE as an additional learning platform that may assist them at National 5 and Higher. It is currently free to register until December 2020

Craig Biddick
Head Teacher (Acting)

Dear Student

ACHIEVE is a web-based service which supports students studying National 5 and Higher courses. We believe that this is a powerful tool to support your learning and will help you prepare for exams and other forms of assessment.

  • ACHIEVE breaks each N5 and Higher course down into topics.
  • Key concepts within each topic are explained & illustrated.
  • The program provides links to external websites for further study.
  • There are links to SQA past paper exam questions and solutions.

ACHIEVE also lets you carry out self-assessment to identify aspects of your course where you are confident and those where you need additional support.We recommend that students register for ACHIEVE by visiting:

N5 courses:  Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English, Maths, Business Management, Music, Computing Science, History, Geography, Modern Studies (Art and Design coming soon)

Higher courses:  Business Management, Computing Science, Music (coming soon English, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, History, Geography, Modern Studies)