Your S1 Careers Page

Welcome to Penicuik High School. Having just moved up from primary to high school you might be thinking it is too soon to be thinking about what you are going to do when you leave. At Skills Development Scotland we don’t want you to know what your long-term plans are but we do think that it’s never to soon to look at your Career Management Skills.

In S1 we will come and meet you in PSE and talk more about Career Management Skills and how you can start to look at what your Skills and Strengths are. You can start thinking about what you like doing, what you enjoy when you are in school as well as what your hobbies and interests are as these are all of the things that make you YOU!

During group work you will all be issued with a magazine introducing your Careers Adviser and Skills Development Scotland to access an online copy click here

Use My World of Work to start exploring your options and if you need any help please email us or