Applying for Jobs

Whether you are looking for a part-time job while you are still at school or you are leaving school at the end of the year to work this page will give you lots of help to do this. Remember you can still request an appointment to speak to your Careers Adviser by asking your Guidance Teacher.

When looking for a job you need to think about what you can offer any employer. It is vital that you think about what the employer is looking for and how your skills and experience can match this. Think about all of the tools you have used on My World of Work to look at your Self and Strengths – if you have forgotten try them again (About Me, Strengths and Skills)!

Watch this for a reminder of what Modern Apprenticeships are.

Look for Modern Apprenticeships at and

Any vacancies we hear about we will post at Mid and East Lothian Vacancies if you have Twitter sign up to follow all of these and you will be alerted as soon as a vacancy is posted.

Start applying for jobs – for full-time jobs you should be starting to look from around March…do NOT wait until the summer holidays! Below are more tools on My World of Work that will walk you through applying for Modern Apprenticeships and other jobs.

Everything you need to know about CVs

When you have a CV you will need a Cover Letter to send with it.

Many employers will ask you to complete an Application Form this gives you all the information you will need to submit a great application.

After all of this you will hopefully be offered an interview. My Interview takes you through what an interview is like and gives you different answers to questions you may be asked. Try this a few times – the more practise you get the easier it will become.

Try not to become disheartened if you are not offered an interview with your first application, most people will have to apply for a number of jobs before they hear anything. Some employers don’t even contact you to tell you have been unsuccessful. Although it may sound scary it’s a good idea to call employers back to get feedback on why you were unsuccessful – you can then improve for your next application. How to Build Confidence can help improve how you feel about yourself if you don’t get a job straight-away.

When you land your job let us know, work hard and enjoy the start of your Career Journey!