Advanced Higher Computing

The structure of the Advanced Higher Computing course contains the 3 units detailed below but please click Course Outline to see an overview of the course.

Unit 1: Software Development

The Software Development Unit develops the candidate’s knowledge and skills in developing software through the use of a high level programming language. The unit develops the candidates knowledge and understanding of the software development process, software development languages and environments, high level programming language constructs and standard algorithms.

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Unit 2: Developing a Software Solution

In the Software Development Unit the students will draw on the knowledge and understanding and practical skills developed through previous study, extend these through investigation, and then analyse, design and implement a solution to a significant computing problem. This solution must then be tested and evaluated, and a project report produced. This project forms part of the final grade.

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Unit 3: Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence Unit develops the candidate’s knowledge of Artificial Intelligence systems through the study of  search techniques, knowledge representation, rule based systems and applications and uses of artificial intelligence. Prolog will be used for the construction of an AI application.

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