Art & Design and Photography Coursework Exhibition

As you will be aware, we have received notification from SQA that no Art and Design and Photography practical coursework will be externally assessed this year.

However Art staff have agreed with Mr Biddick that it would be a great shame for pupils not to be able to get a sense of satisfaction upon the completion of their folios.  In order to address this, we hope to hold a showcase exhibition of all folios on our return to school.

What we suggest is that all pupils are invited to complete their folios to the best of their ability, with the resources they have to hand.  Their work will then be included in a grand exhibition, to which we will invite all friends and families.  This will allow students the sense of completion that they deserve for all their hard work, and also enable them to continue to be creative with purpose during these difficult times.

We hope ALL students will choose to take advantage of this opportunity to celebrate their success, and we are very much looking forward to enjoying this with you.

We thank students for their hard work so far.

Ms J Dixon

Principal Teacher of Art and Design


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