New Children & Young People Facebook and Internet Pages Launched


Police Scotland has launched its first dedicated internet page and social media channel dedicated to the children and young people of Scotland.  The new platforms are a result of feedback from national consultation with young people, who requested better access to information and modern ways to communicate with Police.  This became one of our key commitments to young people when developing the ‘Children and Young people 2016/20 – Our Approach’ plan.

The new resources will help promote Children’s Rights by providing young people with easier access to educational resources and space to voice their views on platforms recognised and commonly used by them in modern society.  We aim to provide safety and prevention messages that will ultimately help young people make better life choices and minimise potential risks to themselves and others. Any content being published will be structured to avoid corporate messages and more appealing to the desired age groups.

Chief Superintendent John McKenzie, SCD – Safer Communities said “There are over 1 million young people in Scotland and how they engage with each other and access information is constantly changing.  It is important we continue to review and alter our services to ensure we are fully considering their needs and our services are easily accessible to everyone.

“The Children and Young People team have worked closely with groups of young people to hear their voice and get a better understanding of how we can improve on matters that affect them directly.  It’s important we collectively listen and respond to what they tell us.

“I am therefore delighted to announce the launch of Police Scotland’s first online resource and social media channel for young people.  This is a significant achievement in delivering on the commitments set out in our 4 year plan – ‘Children and Young People 2016/20 – Our Approach’.  This will increase our ability to engage with young people throughout Scotland via the new social media platform whilst the improved internet pages will ensure information and prevention messages are readily available when young people need them most”.

Louise Macdonald OBE, Chief Executive, Young Scot “We are a proud partner of Police Scotland and supported young Scots to influence the new single force’s national approach, including the establishment of Police Scotland Youth Volunteers. We are delighted to see Police Scotland developing further specific services for young people, particularly in this Year of Young People 2018”.

CLICK HERE to view the internet page.  The new Facebook channel can be found at www.facebook.com/policescotlandyouthhub/

A special thanks to the young people from Year of Young People who were involved in the design of the intranet page and to partners to have pledged their support of both resources including; Choices For Life,  Children’s Commissionaire for Scotland, CAMHS, No Knives Better Lives and Youth Link Scotland.

If you would like to discuss any content, including potential new material, or have a national or local campaign that directly affects young people and would like to promote it via the new platforms, contact the CYP team by email: SCD.ChildrenandYoungPeopleBusiness@scotland.pnn.police.uk.

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