Student Newsletter 6 June 2018


What do you do with those bits of loose change you have left when you get home from school?  Or those few coins you find in the pocket of a jacket you’ve not worn for ages? Make a commitment to stash away all 1p, 2p and 5p coins in a savings tin/bottle/piggy bank – anything suitable – just don’t spend it! Start by doing this the first time for just a few weeks.  Then extend it to a few months. You’ll be amazed how quickly this will add up into a tidy sum – could be spends for a holiday or money towards the cost of presents next Christmas!

Mr Connolly



Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday lunchtime.  We have a number of things to finalise for the expedition so I need you all there as early as possible.

Mr Merson



We are looking for two new Penicuik HS Young Ambassadors for Sport.  The role of Young Ambassador is to promote sport, and motivate and inspire other young people to get involved in sport in schools, clubs and local communities.  If you are in S3 and are interested please collect an application form from the PE department.  If you would like more information, please speak to the current YA’s – Anna Fergusson or Hannah Moffat, who will be able to give  you more information.  Completed application forms should be returned to the PE department and we will interview all interested pupils.

Kate Murray

Active Schools Coordinator



Vaccinations will take place tomorrow in the Assembly Hall at the following times:

09.10am  New 2L4                             10.55am  New 3C1

09.30am  New 2C1                            11.15am  New 3C5

09.50am  New 2C3                            11.35am  New 3L2

10.10am  New 2C5                            11.55am  New 3L4

12.15pm the named girls should make their way to the Assembly Hall:

NEW S4                          NEW S5                         NEW S6

All girls are reminded to have a breakfast before school, and are advised to wear a vest under their shirt.  Please allow the girls out of class in time for their vaccination.  Thank you. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Mrs Davidson



Fun Filled Frenzy has been split into two groups:

Group 1 new S2, new S4 & new S6

Group 2 new S3 & new S5

Please note – on the Tuesday everyone will be going to M&Ds Theme Park but on the other days the groups will be doing different activities.  Please give your permission slip to Mrs Brandie (Group 1) or Miss Lyon (Group 2) as soon as possible.  All final payments must be paid to the school office by Friday 8 June.  If we do not have your money by this date you will lose your place on the trip.  Anyone who has received a letter but no longer wishes to attend must see Miss Lyon this week.

Miss Lyon and Mrs Brandie


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