Student Newsletter 18 May 2018


Everyone needs a bit of help sometimes – look out for other students and teachers who need a hand. It could be a piece of work in class or even holding the door open for someone.

Mrs Murphy


S1-S3 1500M FINAL

The 1500m final takes place on Thursday 24 May from 12.15pm. Any pupil in S1-S3 who would like to participate in this event please sign up with the PE department by lunchtime on Tuesday 22 May.

Mr Hunter


S2 Global Citizenship Day

The S2 Global citizenship day will be held on Tuesday 22 May.  Can all S2 please wear suitable non-uniform appropriate for the weather (including suitable footwear, hat, small towel and sunscreen) as most of this day is outside activities.  This will be an all-day event.  Register as normal then please go to the following rooms Period 1:

2p1 –  Science

2p2 – CDT

2p3 – Home Economics

2p4 – Geography

2p5 – Business Management

2p6 – Art

Miss Graham



I still have kit missing from the expedition. I need this back urgently so please look it out and return it as soon as possible if not before!!

Mr Merson



Bags have been distributed to each department but can also be collected from the school office.  The next Rag Bag collection will be on Friday 25 May, so please start gathering your old clothes/curtains/bedding, etc and help to raise some money for your school.  Perhaps each register class could fill a Rag Bag?  All bags should be placed at the collection point (at the noticeboards opposite room 2) by close of school the day before collection. Thank you.

Mrs MacFadyen


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